Change is Hard!

Why does change have to be so hard? Sometimes I wonder if I will ever change. I feel like I try and try and then fail. I know that I am different than I was ten years ago.I guess change is just painfully slow for some people. I know my biggest problem or obstacle is myself. I get in my own way. I let fear run my life! I am afraid of everything! I can’t imagine what it would be like to live life without being afraid of every turn. It would feel like freedom! I imagine it to feel like flying. The sky would be the limit. I just feel so tied down. I have tried for years to stop being afraid and I have constant failure! My mind knows that my fears are irrational but it doesn’t seem to change anything. I wonder often what made me so afraid of everything. Was I born like this? Was I raised like this? I just want to know how to stop it?


Odds and Ends About my Life

Therapy for the soul is what I am hoping this will be. I need to try to get the things that are pent up within myself, out. So that I am able to look at them more clearly and hopefully, from a different perspective. I will hopefully be able to work through somethings in my life and move forward.